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Alternative Healing

Coleen uses her extensive training to provide powerful wholistic sessions. She includes a variety of disciplines in her healing practice including Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Flow Alignment and Connection, Reflexology, Shamanism, and Hakomi.


Coleen has studied both Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki and she uses aspects of both in her sessions. Reiki is the practice of using life energy to promote healing. This life energy is channeled through the practioner's hands and can be a very powerful healing force. Usui Reiki is Reiki in its original form. It was developed by Japanese Mikao Usui in 1922 who shared his insights with many students, allowing his teachings to be passed on and allowing Reiki to become the powerful healing tool that it is today. Karuna Reiki is an adaption and addition to the orignal Reiki methods. Karuna is the Reiki of Compassion and it focuses on the oneness of all beings. Karuna also includes the voice and additional healing symbols adding depth to the healing process.

Flow Alignment and Connection

Flow Alignment and Connection is a process which focuses on the use of light. The clients concioiusness is explored and through the use of light the flow of the clients life force energy is improved. This process can often be used effectively to compliment other techniques.

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Reflexology is the process of apply pressure to specific parts of the hands and feet to promote healing in the body. The body is system in which all the parts work together and are closely tied together. By working with the hands and feet, tension in the body can be reduced, leading to many other healing benefits. Through stress reduction Reflexology can help with pain reduction, blood flow, physical conditions, and mental health.